How to Change Your Room Matches with White Sofa?

You have old white sofa, but, you can’t just throw it out, because you really love it so much. The solution is creating a room that is perfect for your white sofa.

White Sofa with Black Rug How to Change Your Room  Matches with White Sofa?

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So, to make your white sofa looks great in your room, first, choose the wall color that contrast your white sofa, in this case, lavender and emerald is good choice. Next is the pillow.

You can choose different color pillows to make your white sofa looks great. You also need to consider your sofa size and how many pillows you want to use. Just make sure that there is enough space on your sofa where you can sit on it.

Next is rug. Match its color with your sofa and pillows color. But, choose different shade to create some balance. You also can use similar color for windows curtain.

And the last thing you need to do is choosing the table. Choose wooden coffee table or sofa table with the style that you like. However, make sure that you choose black or dark table. It will be great addition for your room that matches with your white sofa. So, with this method, you don’t need to throw your old sofa away and you can still make your room looks beautiful with your sofa in it.

White Sofa with Black Rug
White Sofa with Black Rug