Make Your Living Room Feels Sumptuous

Contemporary Living Space With Luxurious Decor Make Your Living Room Feels Sumptuous

Everybody knows that living room become the most prominent place in the house to treat family and guests. It is the main part of the house which becomes the first destination when people visit the house. To show up the living room, it must be reflecting your style and taste. Because of that reason, we are surely wanted to provide the glamorous, elegant and nifty living room, which look expensive for our guests. Now, you can really make a sumptuous living room without wasting your budget. Here are about how to set the living room to make it more expensive look.

Doing simple

A living room that has too many accessories can cause chaotic impression therein. To make beautiful and luxurious room you can reduce accessories, remove clutter and leave a few objects that will give the memorial impression for your room. Therefore, you can create more glowing element in your interior design.

Disguise your TV

A large screen television placed at the center of the living room maybe can decrease the sophisticated feeling. However, what if you do not have an enough budget to present TV glass cover? You can overcome or at least minimize by making an artwork gallery around your wall television. It might be cannot fully turn your TV appearance out, but your TV frame can mixing with the wall art decoration and make them more nice.

Give unique furniture and fabrics

You can provide some interesting textiles to personalize your character and add sweetener elements. Give you chairs, sofa, pillows and stools with such of upholstered fabrics. Placing furniture with a unique shape can add to the appeal of the living room because it will look different and exclusive.

Present large-sized art

Create a focal point in the living room. Hang large sized painting at the focus point to provide attractiveness in one of the room corner. Choose a unique patterned painting to look attractive.

Other things that you can provide is by using golden color on your several furniture or accessories, then give some historical stuff to make more elegant, artistic and luxurious atmosphere. If you have some materials made of metal, glass, wood, and other items you can mix them and make a dynamic shade into the living room.

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