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Some people love to be formal in their room, like a living room, while others prefer to be comfy with a casual one. A farmhouse design, for instance, can bring the informality to your living room. By designing a farmhouse living room, your space will be homier for people. To create it, simply fill your room with several ideas below! Reclaimed boards of a barn Utilize reclaimed boards for your farmhouse living room. You can use them as your accents for your wall, for example. By combining the reclaimed wood with lanterns you can add an informal ornamentation for the rustic living room. Or, you can build a coffee table with the reclaimed boards as the table surface. Ancient lighting To harmonize the farmhouse design in the living room, an antique touch of the farmhouse, such as installing candle-like sconces on the wall between a fireplace. Other lighting choices for the farmhouse living room are outdoor-style lanterns or gooseneck barn lights. Present a wood stove Due to the living room is dedicated to family; you can enhance the togetherness by placing a wood stove. It will be used for a winter period and it also gives a rustic touch. Informal seating In a farmhouse living room, it doesn’t require you to be tailored and formal. This design also lets you combine your seating, for example, a pleasant combination of a well-worn leather chair, wicker chair, and sofa for a reading time and casual conversation. Architectural accents You can use something old in your barn or warehouse. For instance, you can choose salvaged shutters as your wall features to add a farmhouse charm to your living room. Rustic table Placing a rustic living room table is one of ideas to bring rustic touches to your living area. A smaller rustic table can work pleasantly as a table of sofa or library in the living space. Smaller size that inspired by a farm table can be a nice coffee table for a farmhouse living room. Reclaimed beams Repurpose reclaimed beams from an antique barn to give a nice weathered touch. They can add a charm of farmhouse, although you use them as structural support or a patinated mantel for your ceiling. Sunflowers Refresh the living room with sunflowers. Put a bunch of sunflowers in a ceramic jug is an easy and quick idea to create a home living room with rustic touches.
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