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Sometimes, we find out that a room in our house is not ideal in matter of the size and the interiors. It will give a pleasure feeling if you can harmonize the way you arrange the room. Color is considered to be one of the ways that could change the feeling and perception of a room.

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If you want a new style than just a color change of your wall, you can also use wallpaper decoration to give more impression that you mean. The choices of color of wallpaper can do so much to present the feeling of your room.

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Height of the Ceiling

If you have a room with low platform, you could give an effect of elevating by put on wallpaper with vertical line pattern. Apply it with brighter platform than the color of the wallpaper in order to give impression that the platform will look higher.

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Then, if you have a high ceiling with small room, you should give a horizontal pattern with bright color which can create a longer room. Choosing darker ceiling will make the room also looks wider.

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The Size of the Room

For a narrow room, you ought to select bright color wallpaper. For a wide room, giving darker color, such as brown or dark blue, will make the room warmer and more pleasant.

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Colorfull Wallpaper
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