Treating Ceramic Tile

If you are now planning on building a new house, the one that you should note is the floor. The ceramic tile you use for the flooring also needs to be chose properly based on the house. There are several things that you must consider to choose the best ceramic tile.

Bathroom Ceramic Tile Treating Ceramic Tile



There are 3 main factors which construct the characters of a ceramic tile; those are color, pattern, and size. Bright color, plain pattern, and big size will impress a wider view, meanwhile dark color and patterned tile will present an exclusive impression.

Dining Room Ceramic Tile Treating Ceramic Tile


Besides that, the function of the room will determine the type of tile you should use. Ceramic with rough and not slick surface will be proper to be installed in outdoor and public room. You should also reckon the quality of the tile too since mostly it will be used for a long time.

Natural Ceramic Tile Treating Ceramic Tile


Installation Techniques

In installing the ceramic tile, there are also some methods to generate a best result. Before using the ceramic, you have to soak the ceramic tile in the water. This will help the ceramic to glue strongly with the floor. Moreover, the edge of the tile may not be too close with wall. It will make the tiles unstable and lifted up.

Living Room Ceramic Tile Treating Ceramic Tile


Living Room Ceramic Tile Design
Living Room Ceramic Tile
Natural Ceramic Tile Design
Natural Ceramic Tile
Dining Room Ceramic Tile Design
Dining Room Ceramic Tile
Bathroom Ceramic Tile Design
Bathroom Ceramic Tile