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When you have decided to paint wall murals at your houses, there may be many things come up in your mind. For instance, you will ask about the way you are going to use to paint, what you have to prepare, what equipment you should choose, and many others.

Forest Wall Murals Wall Murals Things

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Preparing Wall Murals Surface

To begin with, you have to prepare the area or surface on which you are going to paint wall murals. It is a matter of cleaning the wall from any dirt; grease and/or dust. You should ensure that the wall is completely clean in order that the murals will look good on it.

City Wall Murals Wall Murals Things

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Besides cleaning, it is also suggested that you apply coat of primer of paint before your murals design is applied. You should do it when the wall is already perfectly dried. This coat also functions as the background of mural. Thus, you can make it as plain in one color or patterned; like brick, parchment, etc.

Bamboo Wall Murals Wall Murals Things

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Tips for Wall Murals

Sketch Wall Murals Wall Murals Things

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With the intention that your wall murals will be flawlessly painted, there are things to think about; such as the following:

  • choose the best paint for mural; whether it is acrylic, oil-based, latex paint, or others
  • pick the right brush for painting; the material from which it was made
  • the design of murals
  • the final touch and finishing stage

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Sketch Wall Murals
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