How to Make Wall Sconces

Making electric wall sconces is pretty easy. Wall sconce is a good innovation that you can do as your wall décor. The time you find such great dramatic effect that wall sconces can provide you, you will love to do the step by step to make your own home made wall sconces. You can try to do it all by yourself. It is a good idea to use a kit and replace existing lighting fixture to give space for your new wall sconces. Here are things that you have to do to make a great wall décor using wall sconces. First thing that you need to do is to gather all of your items that you need to make your décor. Make sure that all fittings are tight except the faceplate as this will need to be accessed easily. Turn off electricity and light switches so that you can work securely.

To make wall sconces, you need to mark the ground wire. Check to see if any wires are in bad repair. If so, stop and call an electrician to do any wire repairing. If all wires are in good repair, cap off the ground wire and the hot wire. Hold the new wall sconces in place with a shelf, or have someone assist you. Attach the wires correctly, twisting them together and capping off with a wire connector cap. After all wires are connected, gently place the wires back into the wall. Cover the wiring with the faceplate of the new sconce following the manufacturer’s guidelines and attach it to the wall. Tighten the faceplate to the rest of the sconce. Assemble a battery-operated wall sconce in the same way as the electric one, excluding all wiring steps. If this is done, your new wall décor is all set.

Yellow Wall Sconces How to Make Wall Sconces

Contemporary Wall Sconces How to Make Wall Sconces

Double Wall Sconces How to Make Wall Sconces

Carve Wall Sconces How to Make Wall Sconces

Carve Wall Sconces Images
Carve Wall Sconces Design
Double Wall Sconces Images
Double Wall Sconces Design
Contemporary Wall Sconces Images
Contemporary Wall Sconces Design
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Yellow Wall Sconces Design